What is Chief Customer Officer Forum?

CCO Forum

Like the forum of ancient Rome, the Chief Customer Officer Forum is a place for leaders to meet, discuss the future and improve their professional working lives. It’s a place where the best and brightest can exchange ideas, learn new techniques, share knowledge, and in so doing, rise to the top of their profession. Participants have a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments and most successful techniques in customer management, both from other participants and from customer service leaders in India and overseas. Being responsible for the day to day management of customers is a constant challenge, so the Forum provides a community of like-minded people, peers you can turn to for support in your professional life. The Forum is run by and dedicated to people just like you: people in senior executive roles who share a passion for improving the experience they give their customers; people who are shaping the future of the way Indian organisations relate to their customers.

What’s in it for me?

The Forum is a unique opportunity to improve the quality of your working life. It’s the ideal place to expand your personal network and show your position in the industry. The Forum will give you a fulfilling support structure where you can:

  • obtain and share credible ideas
  • familiarise yourself with best practices
  • understand what works, what doesn’t and why
  • test your own ideas in a safe setting
  • share your achievements.

As a participant of the Forum you won’t be railroaded into the latest fads. You’ll get independent credible assessment of the latest ideas and innovations, and instead of getting a sales pitch you’ll be part of a robust discussion amongst your peers. You’ll be able to see the big picture, make your own contributions and make your own judgements.


Sample list of topics covered in the global CCO forum:

  • Connecting with the customer
  • Proving that Better Customer Experiences are Cheaper
  • How do customer service operations reduce costs by 20-30% without investing in any technology?
  • Customer Service in the Economic Downturn
  • Success Stories From Idea to Implementations
  • The Transformation Challenge
  • Making Outsourcing Work
  • Leading Practices in Customer Experience – Virtual World Tour
  • Using technology to deliver better customer experiences
  • Optimising the End to End Customer Experience
  • Managing and Measuring Business and Human Performance
  • Proving the strategic value of service
  • The Strategic Value of Service
  • Multi Channel Delivery
  • Initial Meeting

To know more on how the conference works

Download the CCOF pdf document.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please call at +91-80-4662 4044 or write to ccofindia@celtycs.com.

Who should sign up?

  • Directors, Presidents, CEO
  • Customer Service Heads, Chief Customer Officer
  • Senior Leaders of:
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customer Experience & Satisfaction
    • Customer Care and Support
    • Customer Acquisitions & Retention
    • Service Quality
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Brand Management & Development
    • Service Strategy & Delivery
    • Consumer/Marketing Research


24th November 2017


Please contact ccofindia@celtycs.com for more information.


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24th Nov 2017


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