Designing and developing the customer service roadmap for an e-commerce start-up who has been funded by one of India's leading VCs. Celtycs started this project by putting in place the foundation through a values creation workshop. Once the core values of customer service and the company was defined, we created the people strategy which included hiring, training and on-going development framework. Subsequently, we created a best practices roadmap through various stages of customer's journey and defined KPIs that could measure success of these best practices.

For one of India's largest Directional Media Company spread across 35 cities connecting buyers and sellers through information on products and services, we helped them in identifying the suitable outsourced contact centre and setup their operations successfully with 50 plus agents on floor and performing consistently meeting the quality standards. We are also involved in continuous improvement quality evaluation of this contact centre.

Leading on-line fashion seller: Their statement was very simple “Help us reduce the unwanted calls”. This consulting engagement lasted for about 5 months where Celtycs deployed their “Company-Customer” “Value-Irritant” matrix to identify the contacts that could be Automated or Eliminated. The company, with around 700 agents, was able to reduce the call volume by 19% within 9 months of this engagement.

Leading on-line seller wanted to assess the experience during the entire span of customer journey starting from registration to taking delivery of the product. Celtycs conducted 50 mystery shopping through its network of mystery shoppers spread across India every month. They bought products, returned it at the time of delivery, returned it after opening it, asked for exchange etc – and their experience at every stage was measured for each touch point. 


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