With 10 years of rich experience in servicing global telecom companies, Celtycs is well positioned to meet the requirements and challenges of global telecom companies. Celtycs is conversant with the operating and functioning nuances of the telecom industry across Fixed line, Broadband, Mobile and Data Services.

Celtycs approaches continuous improvement by understanding customer's expectations from the entire customer journey and not just expectations from the customer service department.

Here are some examples of customer management work that Celtycs has done in the telecom sector:

Outsourced Continuous Improvement: For top two Indian telcos and a leading South African telco, we helped in enhancing customer experience by reducing their customer service cost through call quality monitoring, mystery shopping at retail outlets, CSAT surveys and monitoring end-to-end customer transactions and NPS surveys.

Outsourced Partner Selection: For a large Indian telco, we assisted in identifying the right outsourced partner in India to successfully setup their contact centres.

Outsourced Partner Evaluation: For three leading Indian telcos, we evaluated the performance of outsourced service partner by monitoring their interactions with the customers and also monitoring their adherence to the business rules set as a third party consultant.

End to end Work Force Management (WFM) & Capacity Review: For India's largest telco, we conducted a comprehensive and nation-wide review of IT, WFM and capacity utilization audit. The outcome of this exercise was a specific, actionable and strategic report on WFM consolidation opportunities.

TRAI guidelines Validation: For a major Indian telco, we also validated the adherence of TRAI guidelines followed by their internal teams through Customer Application Form audits, monitoring Address Verification calls, etc.

During our engagement with these clients, we identified the areas of improvement, recommended actions for improvement with effort and impact analysis, tracked the actions implemented and measured the impact of the actions initiated.

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