Interim Management

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”

Celtycs provides short term and long term interim management services to domestic and international contact centres and customer operations.

Typically we are parachuted into crisis situations or new customer operations that need expertise and guidance till the process stabilizes.

An example of how the interim management service works and how it has helped our clients is illustrated below.

A major Indian IT infrastructure service provider was having client relationship and performance issues in their largest tech support contact centre account. The client of this company was a US based consumer technology company and had outsourced their entire tech support operations to our client. There had been a sudden attrition at key account management positions which had led to poor performance and unstable client relationship. Our client requested Celtycs to intervene in this scenario.

Celtycs placed a senior consultant in an interim management position to manage the account. The consultant was deployed at the client site on a full time basis for around 18 months. During this time when Celtycs personnel managed the account (operations, quality and client relationship) the following results were achieved:

•  Customer Satisfaction scores improved from 60s to high 80 (%)
•  Service Level improved from 40s to high 80s (%)
•  Agent Attrition reduced by over 40% (annualised)
•  From the verge of losing the account our client retained the account

To achieve these results, Celtycs put in place a rigorous governance framework, changed hiring and quality procedures and helped create a culture of balancing efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience in place of an efficiency and profitability oriented set up.


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