Customer Service Strategy

“What's the use of running if you are not on the right road?”


Jack Welch got it right when he said- in real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell. The trouble is getting that general direction right.

Celtycs has vast experience in customer service design and strategy implementation. We have helped create customer service strategy and customer relationship management for domestic start-ups and global companies that are newly setting shop in India. Here are some examples of work that we have done in the area of developing customer service strategy:

•   A Fortune 500 telecom major was newly entering into India through a local tie. Celtycs was brought in to design the customer service strategy. This work included defining the direction of customer service, end to end customer service process mapping, creating the people strategy in customer service. Celtycs designed Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 processes through the customer journey including discovery, signing up, activation, service and retention stages. Our client was ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction in the very first year of India operations by India’s Telecom regulator
•   An e-commerce start-up who has been funded by one of Indias leading VCs signed us to design and develop the customer service roadmap. Celtycs started this project by putting in place the foundation through a values creation workshop. Once the core values of customer service and the company was defined we created the people strategy which included hiring, training and on-going development framework. Subsequently, we created a best practices roadmap through various stages of customer’s journey and defined KPIs that could measure success of these best practices
•   A high technology, B2B start-up based out of San Jose approached Celtycs with a unique situation. They had developed a breakthrough display technology, the product was ready for production and roll out but amidst all this they had forgotten about this Elephant in the room called Customer Service. Within 3 months Celtycs along with our LimeBridge partner in US developed the customer service road map and detailed processes for service. Celtycs also helped this company identify call centre technology partners including phone systems and CRM solutions

Celtycs believes that a company’s strategy should always be based on a fundamental philosophical outlook of love for customer service and creating happiness.  If you are a company trying to create differentiators or see the need to reengineer your customer service do write to us.



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