Contact Centre Benchmarking

Fortitude Assessment is a structured contact center benchmarking program designed and implemented by Celtycs. Over the past 14 years Celtycs and the LimeBridge Alliance have worked with hundreds of local and global companies across all major industry verticals in customer operations improvement projects. Along the way we have documented best practices in customer service and benchmarked standards of customer operations.

Fortitude Assessment is a result of our vast experience with customer operations and contact centres. When we assess your customer operations and contact centres we will able to tell you:

•  What's working and what's missing in your customer operations?

•  What best practices you can adopt to improve call center performance?

•  What best practices you can adopt to improve customer happiness?

•  Where does your contact center stand in comparison with global standards?


Fortitude Assessments are modular, highly customization and can be done remotely. Write to us to know more.




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