CSAT Measurement


What cannot be measured cannot be managed may have become a cliché but the truth of the statement is more relevant now than ever. Today customers form perceptions about companies and brands through multiple channels such as Web, Retail, Contact Center, Service Center, App store, Email, Chat and Social Media. Customers and prospects are interacting with companies through these channels in a very seamless way and do not really differentiate service quality based on the channel.
Hence it becomes very critical to accurately measure customer experience, understand specifically what triggers customer advocacy and use these insights to build customer loyalty.
Celtycs has developed an integrated approach for measuring customer expectations through the customer's journey with the company and the brand. Celtycs uses a mix of email surveys, mystery shopping and outbound call based CSAT surveys to measure various customer experience factors. Key customer experience attributes that we like to measure are:
Customer Effort - How easy or difficult is it to do business with your company?
Customer Happiness - How happy are customers with your products and services?
Customer Advocacy - Are your customers recommending your products and services?
Process Effectiveness - Are your policies and procedures working for the customer?
Write to us to know more about how Celtycs can assist you in building a customer experience measurement framework.



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