Outsourcer Strategy and Partner Selection

“The single most important aspect of the transition involves the selection of the right partner to manage the transfer of responsibility.”

Selecting the right contact centre or call center partner is critical to the success of any outsourcing initiative. Celtycs has extensively helped companies in identifying outsource partners as well in outsourcing. The typical steps that Celtycs recommends and adopts in outsourcing partner selection projects are:

•  RFP Preparation
•  Long Listing of Partner Candidates
•  RFP Response Evaluation
•  Short Listing of Partner Candidates
•  Onsite Due Diligence
•  Contract Negotiation
•  Pilot Implementation Support
•  Transition and Stabilization Support
•  Partner Evaluation through Outsourced Quality Monitoring

Examples of companies that Celtycs has assisted in contact centre partner selection:

•  India's leading telecom operator
•  India's leading online travel agency
•  Leading global hospitality chain
•  An information directory search service provider

Celtycs encourage companies to outsource only those processes or call center jobs that the company knows well. This will help you select the right partner and manage performance of the contact centre better. We also believe that at any stage the company should retain some part of contact centre operations as a captive unit. This will help you be engaged with customers directly, experiment new processes on a smaller scale before rolling out the process to a wider audience.

Do write to us if you are looking for advice on outsourcing partner selection projects.



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