Knowledge Management and Call Guidance Tool


Find Your Info aka FYI is a decision tree based knowledge management tool that provides decision making capabilities to an agent for faster problem solving and enhancing customer experience. It also helps in content aggregation through knowledge automation and provides training management through self learning. 


Its Benefits
Knowledge Repository: A single repository of your knowledge base on process, products, offers etc, that are tagged and stored in one place and quickly searchable with Google Search alike advance search features. Content managers can update existing documents or upload new documents from anywhere.
Deliver consistent and information to customer:  With Front Line Staff (FLS) having access to latest data relevant from customer’s perspective at all times, the customer receives consistent and accurate information irrespective where your FLS is located
Reduce Repeat Calls: FYI makes it very easy for the FLS to refer to knowledge base during the interaction with the customer and therefore help them reply to customer’s Query/Request/Complaint with higher accuracy and completeness of information conveyed during the very first interaction. This significantly reduces the need for the customer to contact repeatedly.
Reduce AHT: FYI also works as a call guidance tool for the FLS during the interaction with the customer. Based on the reason for call, the FLS is guided to the exact decision tree where it assist the FLS to respond to customer based on their response. All relevant documents/links/email etc required for reference during the interaction are attached to a node in the decision tree. This call guidance and document reference feature helps FLS to close the interaction faster.
Reduce Training Time: Trainers in the contact center operation finds FYI invaluable for new hires due to its ability to simulate real life scenarios based on the reason for call and decision tree (call guidance) where new hire learns what need to be  asked to the customer, which document to refer to and what solution to provide



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