Customized Dashboard and Reports


Most of the senior managers are bogged down by tons of data they receive from their operations/MIS team. And large portion of this data is still sitting in Excels even in technologically advance organizations. Managers struggle to just to keep up with the continuous stream of data, leave aside their ability to spare time to make sense out of it. Many a times, due to snowball effect, an event turns into a serious crisis before the managers could make any sense of data.

SmartTM steps in here to automate most of the data collection process and create single visual platform that offers comprehensive reports and analytics - HOW you need it – WHEN you need it.

Celtycs will work closely with you to understand the data, its origin & flow, your reporting and dashboard requirements, who will view and what, when an alert should be triggered etc and create a customized dashboard using SmartTM as per your need.

SmartTM can be hosted on the cloud or installed on a server in your premises – the way YOU WANT IT.

Sample screenshot from a dashboard are shown below.



Report Screen 


VOC Screen





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