TextMining-OnDemand helps you discover and extract hidden information from the feedback text (verbatim) received from your customer through the surveys you conduct or from any other source. 

As you are aware that the survey questions typically ask the customer, for example, “How satisfied are you with our services?” and then give an option to choose from 1 to 5 for rating. And again typically all such questions are followed by “Why?” - to know more about your customers’ reason for satisfaction or dis-satisfaction. This open feedback text or verbatim received from customer has the gold mine of data to actually help understand the reason for their rating and thus, derive corrective measures. But to go through each comment from your customers could be very labour intensive, requiring several people in your organization to read and categorize each comment to make sense. 

This is where our TextMining-OnDemand steps in. 

Its state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithm can categorize any data size quickly to meaningful buckets. All you need to do is to spent few minutes initially to train our tool by creating the category you require on your sample data. Then a click of a button will categorize all the remaining data instantly with reasonable degree of accuracy. 

Please do note: For telephonic surveys too, the interviewer generally type the information during or after surveying the customer into a document or database, which is essential to calculate the various scores/% satisfied/%dis-satisfied etc. Our tool works only on text and therefore, the textual data from your telephonic surveys is required as an input to TextMining-OnDemand.

‘OnDemand’ gives you the freedom and control to just pay and use for the data you have – as and when you want. 

We will give you an easy to read report page that shows valuable information at the click of a button.

We also give a very easy to use UI to train and reap the benefits of our powerful natural lanuguage processing powers. 


So go ahead and ask for a free test drive of this powerful yet simple tool.



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