WOCAS® allows you to capture and process feedback of your customers in a structured way and to eliminate the root cause of systemic customer issues.
We have to acknowledge that the need for customers to make contact often originates somewhere else in the organization. All too often the accountability stops at the door of customer services.
WOCAS® is a process to amplify the Voice of the Customer and to assign accountability to the originators of the issues customers are facing. It activates the knowledge of front line staff and transforms their input into actionable issues and continuous improvement.


  1. WOCAS is both a business process methodology and a SaaS solution that engages frontline staff and leaders in a common process to eliminate defects in customer facing operations
  2. WOCAS solutions lets agents assign root cause oriented codes to each contact and provide additional information on demand
  3. Agents capture customer issues that they hear again and again in “Voices” and provide first ideas for fixing the underlying problems
  4. Analysts aggregate the agent’s inputs and further analyze the identified issues
  5. Analysts uncover the contact drivers and request additional data where needed
  6. The process champ holds the upstream business owners accountable for contacts and issues that originate in their area of responsibility, coordinates the resolution process and ensures that progress is tracked by the executive board
  7. Implemented solutions are reported back to frontline staff which empowers frontline staff to take responsibility of problem solving



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