SpadeTM, SPecific Actionable Data from Evaluations, is cloud-based multi-role and highly flexible customer experience analysis and quality management system that helps you develop insights on expectations of your customers and Quality of Service delivered by your contact center.

With our quality monitoring tool SpadeTM, you can measure and manage the quality of service provided by your contact centers for different types of interactions between your customer and front line staff such as voice, email or web chat.

Save upto 20% of time for your Team Leaders and Agents by enabling instant feedback of Agent’s performance through SpadeTM.



SpadeTM: Benefits


SpadeTM: Process Flow


A leading private bank in India is using SpadeTM and in their words:

Spade has added the much needed flexibility to our Quality Monitoring Strategy. The cloud based application allowed us to quickly start with the audits across locations with minimal setup, training and infra needs. The concurrent reports and meaningful dashboards have helped us improve our control mechanism which has led to increased productivity and consistency in the output. Feedback from relevant stakeholders has been very positive.” 



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