Contact centers are now escalation channels due to lack of knowledge management and decision-making capabilities. As per research, 86% of surveyed customers said that they form the opinion about the company and its brand, based on their interaction with the contact center and agent. Every agent in a contact center is not the same as delivering service for more complicated high-touch customer questions. Even after providing regular training few of the agents may lack on faster problem solving and offer right solution quickly.

There are three important tasks necessary at any customer service desk to reduce knowledge management gap –

  • Centralize access to all your files, documents
  • Call Guidance and Training
  • Knowledge and Content Management


Centralize access to all your files, documents:

Create a Unified Knowledge Center, A centralized access to all your files and documents to increases faster problem solving and customer satisfaction. The knowledge center helps you capture, leverage & manage your information assets and employee intellect. You can reduce support cost and saves it from being lost over time through employee turnover and attrition.

Call Guidance and Training:

Create call guidance tree (with nodes and branches) for the frontline staff to help deliver the right solution quickly. Create decision tree based on each reason for the call, attach reference document, links, video, pictures etc at each node. Users can rate the decision tree and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

Knowledge and Content Management:

Build a strong Knowledge Repository to manage content for your organization that helps Front-Line Staff to deliver consistent and accurate information quickly. Rich text interface help content managers in creating and updating content with ease using the built-in editor. Built-in workflow management: set who approves the content, track edit history

Self-service technology has changed the face of customer experience and can be a great resource for frontline staff to help deliver the right solution to the customer quickly and effectively.

Technology change at the call center is very common in every industry, as technology grows, companies are finding most suitable technology to provide a better customer experience. When customers aren’t happy with the service they get, naturally they’re more likely to take their business elsewhere.

I am writing this to update you all on the latest technology to identify and reduce repeated customer complaints at any customer service center/ business. Have a look

at a small video about latest knowledge management tool which can bring better customer experience at your contact center –

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The king of customer service is the one who understands their contact center agents first.

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