Faster Access to Decision Making

Our customized dashboards let you monitor and measure performance and metrics under one roof

Enhance Collaboration & Communication

Instant alerts enhance the way you collaborate with colleagues and share KPIs

Most of the senior managers are bogged down by tons of data they receive from their operations/MIS team. And a large portion of this data is still sitting in Excels even in technologically advanced organizations. Managers struggle to just to keep up with the continuous stream of data, leave aside their ability to spare time to make sense out of it. Many times, due to snowball effect, an event turns into a serious crisis before the managers could make any sense of data.

SMART steps in here to automate most of the data collection process and create a single visual platform that offers comprehensive reports and analytics – HOW you need it, WHEN you need it.

Celtycs will work closely with you to understand the data, your reporting and dashboard requirements, who will view and what, when an alert should be triggered etc and create a customized dashboard using SMART as per your need.

SMART can be hosted in the cloud or installed on a server in your premises – the way YOU WANT IT.

Increase Efficiencies with Faster Access to Data
With SMART your data is quickly accessible and actionable. Our dashboard solutions let you monitor and measure performance and metrics under one roof.

Better Decision Making

You can analyze key data more quickly and thoroughly, improving the performance in each functional department when utilizing a well-designed dashboard. Our dashboard software provides rich interactive visualizations, making the analysis process more intuitive and performance issues easier to observe.

Improve Focus & Alignment

A full view of your organization’s data allows your team to focus on the most important KPIs and align business processes with your goals. SMART lets you consume dashboards and actually improves the work habits of those viewing it. You can easily connect and access your data with the same experience and capabilities across data sources, reducing the learning curve when it comes to analyzing new data.

Flexibility for Business Growth

An effective Dashboard is continuously iterated upon as your business grows and changes. With SMART, all common BI needs to support your changing business needs are under one platform, including data connectivity, data preparation, presentation, and administration.

Be Mobile

Take your business intelligence with you. Today, users expect more functionality on their mobile devices. They want to have complete interactivity with their dashboards and reports while on the go, they don’t want to be limited to just viewing an image of it.

Enhance Collaboration & Communication

Collaborating with your colleagues and sharing KPIs and critical insights is critical to making smart business decisions and making sure everyone in the organization is working towards the same goals. SMART encourages collaboration and offers real-time tools to keep everyone on top of the latest data – effortlessly.

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