Automate Contact Quality Assessment

 Process Compliance and Sentiment Analysis of your both inbound and outbound contacts with customers

Spade ACM, Automated Compliance Management uses advance speech analytics engine and other logical layers built around it, leveraging our 18 years of experience as external QA partner in auditing 3 mn plus interactions for multiple clients, to evaluate several parameters of a typical contact evaluation form with a high degree of accuracy.

Spade ACM creates an audit score for each call and a comprehensive process adherence score card to assist you in identifying agent and process related improvement areas. It also generates red flags based on the sentiment analysis, combined with other logic, to help you take immediate corrective measures.

Key Features

Assess 100% of your Call Volume

Analyze more calls per Agent at fraction of the cost as compared to manual QM and provide a balanced feedback to your Agents on a much bigger sample


Analyze Key Metrics

Get current view on metrics such as adherence to mandatory script during call opening and closing, soft skills, reduce unwanted call using reason for contact analysis, predict churn and repeat etc.

Access to Comprehensive Dashboard

View multiple reports that are relevant to business – with drill down to Agent level data and Historical trends

Get Sentiment Analysis

Know customer’s sentiment from each call analyzed and understand which Call types and Teams are have the most negative sentiments


Offers Multilingual support

Supports up to 10 Indian languages (including English) and dialects; Recognizes code-switched utterances with accurate multilingual recognition

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