Find the needle from haystack

At the top of each mountain of data lies a nugget of invaluable knowledge we mine it for you

Amplify and understand text quickly

We help you make sense of unstructured text so that issues are amplified and acted upon

Textchurn helps you discover and extract hidden information from the feedback text (verbatim) received from your customer through the surveys you conduct or from any other source.

 Its state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithm can categorize any data size quickly to meaningful buckets. All you need to do is to spend few minutes initially on training our tool by creating the category you require on your sample data. Then a click of a button will categorize all the remaining data instantly with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

It is ‘on-demand’ – gives you the freedom and control to just pay and use this data mining tool based on the quantum of data you have – as and when you want.

Get Smart in Driving Superlative Customer Experience
Don’t ignore what your customers are saying about you. Be smart and drive high customer experience through fast, easy and accurate root cause analysis.

Know Customer Sentiment

Find out the exact sentiments your customers are echoing along with their reasons to ensure you do not miss out critical trends.

Optimal Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithm will instantly analyze any volume of text data and categorize each comment into buckets as defined by you. And with an accuracy of up to 80%.

Customized Dashboards and Reports

We offer customized dashboard and reports that are easy to consume. After all, time is money and why waste your time in creating your own visuals.

Multiple Projects Separate Analysis

With Textchurn you can create multiple projects and get separate analysis for each of these projects. Helps in aggregating all your customer insights under one roof.

Save Significant Time

Free up significant time for your human resources to work on things that matter rather than time-consuming free text analysis.

Cloud Based

Textchurn is a cloud-based pay as you go application. This ensures that your data and analysis is available at any time and on any device. We have secure servers from international hosting providers with multiple redundancies to ensure your data is safe.

Need More Information?

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