Uses that you don’t know about Spade

We write the blog to let you know about uses that you don’t know about Spade. Choosing a brand, whether to continue with the same brand or not is completely customer’s choice. As we know maintaining customer experience is a big challenge for a brand in the competitive market. Companies have to focus on various functions to gain a better knowledge of their customer’s behavior. Gartner defines customer experience management (CEM) as “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.” It is a strategy that requires process change and many technologies to accomplish.

Exactly, one of the best function that requires process and technology change is your call center (A sensitive place for servicing customer). Be it in-house, outsourced or captive, the call center is the place where a large number of customer complaints and requests are handled. The only medium for customers to communicate with company’s representatives. Moreover, call center involves managing customer interactions by various sources such as inbound, outbound, web-chat, email, social media, etc.

Many call center quality monitoring software’s are available in the market, but which is the most suitable software for your business?

Spade: one of the best call center quality monitoring software we suggest: a cloud-based multi-role and highly flexible customer experience analysis and quality management system that helps you develop insights on expectations of your customers and Quality of Service delivered by your contact center.

Look at features and importance of Spade for your call center :

SaaS (Software as a service) Application – Keeping in mind that our products must available customer user-friendly, Celtycs has built SpadeOnDemand using the SaaS (Software as a service) model.

Drastically improves productivity – Our automated mechanism will improve the average productivity of your contact center/ multiple contact centers and you can reduce manual work to easy work which can double the center’s productivity by spade – contact center/call center management software.

Compare performance among peers (Internally within the organization) – It provides instant performance metrics to analyze the quality of performance. With the access from real-time dashboards, we can easily compare employee performance within the team and organization as well.

Powerful analytics assists the organization in identifying improvement areas – The real-time analytics, meaningful reports can help you to identify your center’s improvement areas such as process gaps, customer engagement, and quality of services.

Instant access to many reports – It allows you to get instant reports on employee performance, ultimately, you can give instant feedback to the agents and take quick actions on process improvement. Spade’s powerful analytics tool allows users to report in 31 ways at the click of a button.

Save at least 20% time of Trainers, TL’s – Save up to 20% of the time for your Team Leaders and Agents by enabling instant feedback of Agent’s performance through Spade. So that you can utilize quality of time to focus on other important tasks such as process improvement, training, and development, etc.

Save at least 20% time

Get real-time & timely actionable data – Management can reduce too much effort spent on data mining, trend analysis, and metrics generation.  Get real-time & timely actionable data with the help of Spade.

Measure your contact center quality – It gives the power to measure the quality of service delivered by your contact center and benchmarks them against peers in the industry. Spade helps to improve your call center performance and customer experience.

No matter how much time & effort you’ve spent on data mining, analytics, and metrics generation, management require meaningful & actionable data to take right decisions at the right time. Suppose if you have the right monitoring system which will converts manual work to easy work in getting instant reports, dashboards, and analytics, you can easily save maximum time & effort. It is possible by Spade.

Measure your contact center quality

  • Can host the application at anywhere – Spade is a user-friendly software that you can access at your premises with authorized credentials.


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Spade is the best call center quality monitoring software system your organization can ever use.


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