Unable to monitor 100% of your call centre volume?

Spade ACM: Automated Compliance Management at your Contact Centers using state-of-the-art Speech Analytics Engine

De-clutter your Service Center

Learn to prevent non-valuable contacts

Customer Experience Management

Celtycs has more than 15 years of experience in managing customer operation for companies across the globe

Quality of Service, Amplified

Spade for Inside-out Quality Monitoring and Management

Celtycs Technology

Celtycs technology application for Customer’s Insights, Quality and Knowledge Management
Celtycs As A Consulting Company


Celtycs is a leading customer advisory firm helping clients excel in their customer relationship strategies and performance. Together, we create enduring change and results.

Celtycs Technologies


We have world-class software applications to measure your organization’s Quality, maintain the knowledge, deliver training, analyze pain points and help make sense of your data.

Celtycs As A Quality Management Service Company


We offer NPS/CSAT measurement and analytics services. We are leaders in providing Third Party Quality Management Services.

Here are some of our products to improve your customer experience

A cloud-based Contact Centre Quality Monitoring software to help your QA team measure the quality of voice & non-voice interactions at your contact centers

One stop solution to automate the Quality Assessment, Process Compliance and Sentiment Analysis of your both inbound and outbound contacts with customers.

WOCAS® allows you to capture and process feedback from your customers in a structured way and to eliminate the root cause of systemic customer issues.





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