Unable to monitor 100% of your call centre volume?

Spade ACM: Automated Compliance Management at your Contact Centers using state-of-the-art Speech Analytics Engine

De-clutter your Service Center

Learn to prevent non-valuable contacts

Customer Experience Management

Celtycs has more than 15 years of experience in managing customer operation for companies across the globe

Quality of Service, Amplified

Spade for Inside-out Quality Monitoring and Management

Celtycs Technology

Celtycs technology application for Customer’s Insights, Quality and Knowledge Management
Celtycs As A Consulting Company


Celtycs is a leading customer advisory firm helping clients excel in their customer relationship strategies and performance. Together, we create enduring change and results.

Celtycs Technologies


We have world-class software applications to measure your organization’s Quality, maintain the knowledge, deliver training, analyze pain points and help make sense of your data.

Celtycs As A Quality Management Service Company


We offer NPS/CSAT measurement and analytics services. We are leaders in providing Third Party Quality Management Services.

Here are some of our products to improve your customer experience

A cloud-based Contact Centre Quality Monitoring software to help your QA team measure the quality of voice & non-voice interactions at your contact centers
FYI Knowledge Management Logo
Find Your Info (FYI) is a Knowledge Aggregation and Management tool, with call guidance feature built-in
SMART Customized Dashboard
Smart steps in here to automate most of the data collection process and create single visual platform that offers comprehensive reports and analytics
Sociolyze  uses cutting edge natural language processing algorithm to analyze the customer’s comments and delivers you actionable insights Für essay schreiben lassen https://schreib-essay.com/ die buchung fragen wir nur die benötigten informationen ab
Textchurn helps you discover and extract hidden information from the feedback text (verbatim) received from your customer through the surveys you conduct or from any other source.
WOCAS® allows you to capture and process feedback from your customers in a structured way and to eliminate the root cause of systemic customer issues.





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