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We are experts in this industry with over 14 years of experience. What that means is you are going to get the right solution, experts also recommend us. We have helped create customer service strategy and customer relationship management for domestic start-ups and global companies that are newly setting shop in India.

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Our founders come from management consulting background with core competencies in call center operations. Our values of honesty, transparency, and speed will propel your operations to new heights.







“What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road?”

Jack Welch got it right when he said- in real life, the strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell. The trouble is getting that general direction right.

Celtycs has vast experience in customer service design and strategy implementation. We have helped create customer service strategy and customer relationship management for domestic start-ups and global companies that are newly setting shop in India. Here are some examples of work that we have done in the area of developing customer service strategy:

  • A Fortune 500 telecom major was newly entering into India through a local tie. Celtycs was brought in to design the customer service strategy. This work included defining the direction of customer service, end to end customer service process mapping, creating the people strategy in customer service. Celtycs designed Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 processes through the customer journey including discovery, signing up, activation, service and retention stages. Our client was ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction in the very first year of India operations by India’s Telecom regulator
  • An e-commerce start-up who has been funded by one of India’s leading VCs signed us to design and develop the customer service roadmap. Celtycs started this project by putting in place the foundation through a values creation workshop. Once the core values of customer service and the company were defined we created the people strategy which included hiring, training, and on-going development framework. Subsequently, we created a best practices roadmap through various stages of customer’s journey and defined KPIs that could measure success of these best practices
  • A high technology, B2B start-up based out of San Jose approached Celtycs with a unique situation. They had developed a breakthrough display technology, the product was ready for production and roll out but amidst all this, they had forgotten about this Elephant in the room called Customer Service. Within 3 months Celtycs along with our LimeBridge partner in the US developed the customer service road map and detailed processes for service. Celtycs also helped this company identify call center technology partners including phone systems and CRM solutions


Celtycs believes that a company’s strategy should always be based on a fundamental philosophical outlook of love for customer service and creating happiness. If you are a company trying to create differentiators or see the need to re-engineer your customer service do write to us.

“The single most important aspect of the transition involves the selection of the right partner to manage the transfer of responsibility.”


Selecting the right contact center or call center partner is critical to the success of any outsourcing initiative. Celtycs has extensively helped companies in identifying outsource partners as well in outsourcing. The typical steps that Celtycs recommends and adopts in outsourcing partner selection projects are:

•  RFP Preparation
•  Long Listing of Partner Candidates
•  RFP Response Evaluation
•  Short Listing of Partner Candidates
•  Onsite Due Diligence
•  Contract Negotiation
•  Pilot Implementation Support
•  Transition and Stabilization Support
•  Partner Evaluation through Outsourced Quality Monitoring

Examples of companies that Celtycs has assisted in contact center partner selection:

•  India’s leading telecom operator
•  India’s leading online travel agency
•  Leading global hospitality chain
•  An information directory search service provider

Celtycs encourage companies to outsource only those processes or call center jobs that the company knows well. This will help you select the right partner and manage the performance of the contact center better. We also believe that at any stage the company should retain some part of contact center operations as a captive unit. This will help you be engaged with customers directly, experiment new processes on a smaller scale before rolling out the process to a wider audience.


“Loyalty is very hard to achieve when customers encounter broken processes or missed promises, all of which force customers to call, email, chat, write letters, or stop into the store to complain”

Celtycs and LimeBridge have pioneered and champion the philosophy of ‘Best Service is No Service’. The Best Service is No Service concept is based on the notion that most customer service contacts are in reality defects. Customers don’t contact a company for service unless something is broken. There are seven principles that define Best Service is No Service, all of them are based on this fundamental idea of challenging the demand for service. In order, they are:

  1. Eliminate dumb contacts: Don’t handle contacts that are not needed. In other words, re-engineer process, product,  people and/or technology to eliminate the need for your customers to contact you
  2. Create engaging self-service: Create a very high success rate in the web, mobile app or IVR self-service channels.
  3. Be Proactive: If you know something is wrong, tell your customers. If you need to send an alert, go do that before they have to contact you.
  4. Make it real easy to contact your company: Don’t hide behind websites that have no 800 numbers and channels that don’t mix together. Just make it really easy for customers to reach you.
  5. Own the actions across the company: Very few customer service support issues are caused by customer service. Grundsätzlich sollten sie deshalb immer abwägen, ob ein eigenständig organisiertes praktikum eine alternative ghostwriter masterarbeit kosten at darstellt
    They are actually caused by other groups/departments in the company. So figure out how to get the ownership back to them and work with them.
  6. Listen and act: There is terrific information streaming all the time customers and service center – so listen and act on that.


Talk to us to know more about how the Best Service is No Service principle can be applied in your organization for improving customer experience by reducing demand for service and optimize the cost of customer service.


“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”

Celtycs provides short term and long term interim management services to domestic and international contact centers and customer operations. Typically we are parachuted into crisis situations or new customer operations that need expertise and guidance till the process stabilizes.

An example of how the interim management service works and how it has helped our clients is illustrated below. celtycs-consulting-interim-management

A major Indian IT infrastructure service provider was having client relationship and performance issues in their largest tech support contact center account. The client of this company was a US based consumer technology company and had outsourced their entire tech support operations to our client. There had been a sudden attrition at key account management positions which had led to poor performance and unstable client relationship. Our client requested Celtycs to intervene in this scenario.

Celtycs placed a senior consultant in an interim management position to manage the account. The consultant was deployed at the client site on a full-time basis for around 18 months. During this time when Celtycs personnel managed the account (operations, quality and client relationship) the following results were achieved:

•  Customer Satisfaction scores improved from the 60s to high 80 (%)
•  Service Level improved from the 40s to high 80s (%)
•  Agent Attrition reduced by over 40% (annualized)
•  From the verge of losing the account, our client retained the account

To achieve these results, Celtycs put in place a rigorous governance framework, changed hiring and quality procedures and helped create a culture of balancing efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience in place of an efficiency and profitability oriented set up.


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