Quality of Service, Amplified

Spade for Inside-out Quality Monitoring and Management

Improve Quality

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Run detailed reports from group level all the way down to the individual agent level.

Spade, SPecific Actionable Data from Evaluations, is cloud-based multi-role and highly flexible customer experience analysis and quality management system that helps you develop insights on expectations of your customers and Quality of Service delivered by your contact center. It is the best call center quality monitoring software system your organization can ever use.

With our quality monitoring tool, Spade, you can measure and manage the quality of service provided by your contact centers for different types of interactions between your customer and frontline staff or agents such as voice, email or web chat.

Save up to 20% of the time for your Team Leaders and Agents by enabling instant feedback of Agent’s performance through Spade.

Through our Quality Monitoring Software. Get Smarter in Measuring your Frontline Staff
Create a smooth and organized quality pipeline to monitor all the type of customer queries. Spade helps you sample, audit, provide feedback and analyze to improve the quality of serNow be Nowbe smarter and faster at managing your QMS!

Your Dream Score Card

Create the scorecard you want from scratch with Spade’s intuitive form template. Set up as many different scorecards as you like to evaluate phone calls, emails, IM threads, social media responses, complaint handling … whatever interactions you need to monitor.

Get Customer Insights

Get insights to what and why your customers are contacting you through multiple drill downs. Understand why customers are calling you again.

Get On Top Of Complaince

It’s important to have a compliance system in place to protect customers, agents and the organization. Spade’s compliance report automatically tracks compliance performance and highlights failures as they happen. Relax in the knowledge that you can show agents and operations how you are monitoring and dealing with compliance breaches.

Eliminate inconsistencies

Some auditors score harder than others, which can lead to wide variations in quality scores. Spade has a built-in calibration feature which pulls out the variances between the scores of multiple evaluators of the same interaction. It points up where calibration sessions or further training is needed so that you get consistency in scoring.

Agent Insights

With Spade, agents get their own dashboards showing their quality scores and giving them the facility to self-score, accept the feedback, and dispute any irregularities. Watch as they up their game before you’ve even had a performance review, empowered by the metrics and the trust you’ve placed in them.

Reports and Analytics

Dig deep into your call center’s quality scores to carry out root cause analysis, identify common pitfalls, broken processes, and training gaps, or catch people doing a good job! Spade’s powerful analytics tool allows users to report in 31 ways at the click of a button.

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Our happy customers

Our clients range from small 50-agent teams to 1000+ operations, from global brands to expert outsources. It makes us really happy that they love what we do.

Spade has added the much needed flexibility to our Quality Monitoring Strategy. The cloud based application allowed us to quickly start with the audits across locations with minimal setup, training and infra needs. The concurrent reports and meaningful dashboards have helped us improve our control mechanism which has led to increased productivity and consistency in the output. Feedback from relevant stakeholders has been very positive.

 Leading Bank

SPADE has changed the way Bigbasket Quality Team works. From manually picking a call and evaluating using excel sheets to preparing manual daily reports, everything has been automated. The average productivity of the Analysts has almost doubled since the time SPADE was implemented. If SPADE has to be described in one sentence then it can be – “A vertical shift from manual work to easy work”. The SPADE team carries a lot of expertise in this area. So the implementation was carried out with a well-thought-out project planning. The application was customized to meet all our requirements. They coordinated with our partners too and integrated with the CRM. A highly recommended QMS especially for Customer Contact Centers. Leading Ecommerce Brand