Why our services

We have insights on customer’s expectations from over 2 million assessments of both voice and non-voice interactions and have demonstrated more than expected ROI.

Have serviced more than 100 clients globally in the last 17 years and helped them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer-facing operations.

Our prime Service: EXTERNAL QUALITY ASSESSMENT PARTNER for you contact center operations. Please scroll below to see more details on this offering under “Quality Monitoring” 


What do you get out of our service?

Our approach helps you to:

decrease cost by eliminating avoidable contacts.

boost customer satisfaction by removing frustrations.

becoming measurable and executable in customer improvements

gain transparency on what issues affect the customer.

Establish an ownership culture that holds business units accountable for customer experience.








A Quality Assurance and Quality Management System for both Voice & Non-voice interactions at your Contact Center

A recent study indicates that:
85% of surveyed customers said that they form the opinion about the company and its brand based on their interaction at contact center and agent, and
63% customers said that they would become disloyal because of a bad experience with contact center agent

It is, therefore, imperative for companies with contact center operations to have continuous visibility on the standard of service being provided by their contact centres, whether captive or outsources. For this call monitoring service, what you need is a call recorder / voice recorder to record all your voice conversations or saved text of each email / web chat.

Celtycs provides call center monitoring services by listening / assessing voice or email interactions between customers and call center for different queues such as Standard, Premium, Retailer help desk, Churn prevention help desk, Lead conversion queue, web chat, email etc to:

• Identify instances of non-compliance of guidelines
• Identify gaps in Agents skills
• Identify opportunity to reduce cost by preventing waste callsCeltycs works very closely with you to continuously provide the actionable insights with recommendations on changes in People, Process, Product and Technology to create a unique differentiator for your organization in this competitive landscape where a sustained quality of service plays an imperative role to be on the top.
What cannot be measured cannot be managed may have become a cliché but the truth of the statement is more relevant now than ever. Today customers form perceptions about companies and brands through multiple channels such as Web, Retail, Contact Center, Service Center, App store, Email, Chat and Social Media. Customers and prospects are interacting with companies through these channels in a very seamless way and do not really differentiate service quality based on the channel.

Hence it becomes very critical to accurately measure customer experience, understand specifically what triggers customer advocacy and use these insights to build customer loyalty.

Celtycs has developed an integrated approach for measuring customer expectations through the customer’s journey with the company and the brand. Celtycs uses a mix of email surveys, mystery shopping and outbound call based CSAT surveys to measure various customer experience factors. Key customer experience attributes that we like to measure are:

  • Customer Effort – How easy or difficult is it to do business with your company?
  • Customer Happiness – How happy are customers with your products and services?
  • Customer Advocacy – Are your customers recommending your products and services?
  • Process Effectiveness – Are your policies and procedures working for the customer?

Write to us to know more about how Celtycs can assist you in building a customer experience measurement framework.

Celtycs provides a well-rounded continuous improvement service to improve the quality of your customer facing operations and optimize costs. Celtycs approaches continuous process improvement by understanding customer’s expectations from the entire customer journey and not just the customer service department.


The key elements of our continuous improvement solution leading to lean management approach are as follows:

  • Focus on the entire customer journey
  • Standardize processes across all customer contact processes
  • Measure all key customer experience metrics, such as:
    • Customer Effort
    • Customer Happiness
    • NPS
    • Call Quality by Experts
    • Present actionable and specific insights to cross-functional stakeholders

Celtycs undertakes customer experience and quality improvement programs both as one time consulting assignments and as an on-going services which include customer experience measurement, mystery audits, outsourced quality audits and time and motion studies.

How do customer service operations reduce costs by 20-30% without investing in any technology?

Celtycs believes in the concept of “Best Service is No Service™” which guides you to liberate your customer service, keep them happy and control costs through:

  • Isolate repeat contacts using the “Snowballs” system, and increase first contact resolution (FCR) and first point resolution (FPR)
  • Streamline and keep current knowledge using Wikis and other free software
  • Create online training with brakes and guidance for representatives to handle queries more efficiently and effectively
  • Move some of the operations “at home”

Write to us to know more about this service or download the Success Stories on this site which explains how we helped our clients from several verticals to control costs of customer service and in parallel enhance the customer experience.

Fortitude Assessment is a structured contact center benchmarking program designed and implemented by Celtycs. Over the past 14 years Celtycs and the LimeBridge Alliance have worked with hundreds of local and global companies across all major industry verticals in customer operations improvement projects. Along the way we have documented best practices in customer service and benchmarked standards of customer operations.

Fortitude Assessment is a result of our vast experience with customer operations and contact centres. When we assess your customer operations and contact centres we will able to tell you:

  • What’s working and what’s missing in your customer operations?
  • What best practices you can adopt to improve call center performance?
  • What best practices you can adopt to improve customer happiness?
  • Where does your contact center stand in comparison with global standards?

Fortitude Assessments are modular, highly customization and can be done remotely. Write to us to know more.

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