Its about finding, not searching

Create a single venue for managing, finding and sharing organizational knowledge resources

Knowledge Management is not an island

One application to spread knowledge across your organization to eliminate solo performances

Find Your Info aka FYI is a knowledge base and decision tree based knowledge management tool that provides decision-making capabilities to an agent for faster problem solving and enhancing customer experience. This Knowledge Management solution helps you capture, leverage & manage your information assets and employee intellect which reduces support cost and saves it from being lost over time through employee turnover and attrition.

FYI Knowledge Management Solution captures organization’s knowledge which helps increase efficiency in customer support, operations, development, and sales. FYI helps centralize access to all your files, documents and how-to articles ensuring they can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms. 
Organizations can easily share important information to train their sales, customer service and support teams.

Create a Unified Knowledge Center
Capture, access and distribute information to improve effectiveness. FYI represents a fundamentally new approach to information and knowledge management, enabling a true 360-degree view of your organization’s knowledge. After all applied Knowledge is power!

Knowledge and Content Management

Build a strong Knowledge Repository to manage content for your organization that helps Front Line Staff to deliver consistent and accurate information quickly
• Rich text interface help content managers in creating and updating content with ease
using the built-in editor
• Built-in workflow management: set who approves the content, track edit history

Robust Search

Knowledge Management software is about finding the right information quickly, make use of our robust search engine:
• Filename search
• Keyword/phrase search with auto complete
• Display of most used searches to FLS for easy select

Notice Board

FYI offers a Notice Board with different tabs for Process and Non-Process for creating and dissemination of information across the organization for:
• New offers/vouchers from Marketing
• Release of new feature or change in procedure
• Process updates
• Posting articles with/without digital acknowledgment
• Press Releases / Organizational Announcements / HR updates

Call Guidance and Training

FYI helps you create call guidance tree (with nodes and branches) for the Front Line Staff to help deliver right solution to the customer, quickly
• Create decision tree based on each Reason for Call, attach reference document,
links, video, pictures etc at each node
• Users can rate the decision tree and provide feedback for continuous

Frequently Asked Questions

Increase self-service and help frontline staff answer common questions raised by your customers time and again. Integrate with your website to ensure those customers need not call you back for the same questions again.

Discussion Forums

FYI offers a Discussion Forum platform
• Front Line Staff to post their queries and also easily search from existing post
• Create multiple categories
• Moderator approval for all post, ability to delete/edit topics

Knowledge Retention Test

Continuously engage staff with knowledge assessment modules and quiz to further enhance what they have learnt.
• Measure and rate understanding levels of customer-facing staff
• Create your own modules
• Collate response in the way you want: multiple choice, short answer, checkbox etc

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